Antioxidants For a High Performance Body

The word “antioxidants” is being thrown around a lot these days and there’s enough contradictory information out there that the topic can be confusing. If you’re worried about what antioxidants are and which you should take, don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Although there are many kinds and classes of antioxidants, … Continue reading “Antioxidants For a High Performance Body”

The word “antioxidants” is being thrown around a lot these days and there’s enough contradictory information out there that the topic can be confusing. If you’re worried about what antioxidants are and which you should take, don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Although there are many kinds and classes of antioxidants, which have different properties, you can learn to understand antioxidants in a very simple way.

Here is a simple 3-step process to help you understand the whole antioxidant concept.

1. Stress, heavy exercise, overwork, poor nutrition, and environmental toxicity create something called free radicals in the body.

2. Free radicals damage the body, including cells, enzymes, and DNA, causing negative effects such as pain, inflammation, and chronic diseases.

3. Antioxidants attack free radicals and get them out of your body, relieving pain, inflammation, and chronic symptoms in the process.

What You Really Need to Know About Antioxidants

Now here’s what you really need to know about antioxidants: your body can produce enough antioxidants to handle a certain level of free radicals but when it gets overloaded you will begin to experience pain, inflammation, and discomfort in your body. Those are all signs of free radical overload.

If you’ve got areas of chronic discomfort such as headaches, shoulder pain, joint pain, or nerve pain, your body may be in free radical overload. The good news is that you can address this problem by adding extra antioxidants to your daily regimen.

A wonderfully convenient way to increase the level of antioxidants you take is to add high-quality antioxidants to your daily regimen. These can include coenzyme Q10, wheat sprouts, grapeseed extract, or pericarp oil. These are all examples of antioxidant supplements.

Why You Should Perform Body Weight Workouts As Opposed to Typical Bodybuilding Routines For Fat Loss

Body weight training is one of the easiest ways to burn fat and develop a better looking body. An intense bodyweight workout can help you boost your confidence, motivation, and improve your athleticism. But the best part about body weight workouts is that they can be done anywhere, and at anytime.

This huge convenience factor makes it easier for you to stick to your workouts. And when you stick to your workouts, you get results. Consistency is the key to progress with any form of training. After years of performing body weight exercises, I not only look better, but I’m also stronger than a lot of my friends who lift weights.

Sometimes we have pushup and chinup contests – and I win 90% of the time! body weight exercises will increase strength, endurance and flexibility throughout your entire body. And out of all the types of training I have tried, body weight training is one of the most fun methods of training.

There’s nothing like an intense interval or circuit workout using body weight exercises. These intense workouts will help you improve strength throughout your body, a point I’ve mentioned in this article already. But whats more important is that body weight workouts help to improve strength in the hips and lower back region.

As people get older, they seem to encounter primarily hips and back problems. Well, that’s because most fitness programs do not effectively target these areas of the body. But, a program consisting of pushup, pullups, and squats will effectively engage these muscles and teach your body to use these muscle groups in a functional manner – one that carries over to all aspects of life.

Another great benefit of body weight training is just how fast you can workout. Most of my workouts last less than 30 minutes, and once again this convenience factor will help you stay consistent with your programs. Speaking of convenience, have you ever worked out outside?

Especially during the summer, I want to get out of the gym and just train outdoors. Well, you’re not going to bring an entire barbell set outdoors, are you? Instead, just put together a handful of body weight movements and start jumping, crawling, pushing, and pulling through a body weight workout.

Sticking to theme of convenience, suppose you’re at a hotel without a well-equipped gym (happened to me last month), on vacation in some exotic location, or just stuck at the airport. You can literally, literally, literally get a body weight workout anywhere and at anytime.

Flax Seed Oil For Better Performing Body

Most of you may already know about flax seed oil and what benefits you can expect from consuming these products on a regular basis. With high concentration of omega-3 essential fatty acids, B vitamins as well as vitamin E, and essential minerals found in this oil, you can surely benefit a lot from consuming flax seed derived products as part of your daily diet. You may also have heard about several scientific benefits such as the reduced amount of risks of getting cancer or improved neural responsiveness, but we are going to leave that behind for now and discuss more practical benefits you can feel by consuming this particular natural supplement.

By consuming this great oil on a regular basis, you will be able to enjoy better performing body in general. You will be able to sleep better at night and wake up fresh in the morning. This is because flax seed oil helps body regeneration process and improve metabolism. Of course, when you wake up fresh and fully energized in the morning, you will be able to perform better throughout the day and improve a lot of things in your life as well. Don’t forget that this oil also helps you maintain stamina, so you wouldn’t get tired easily half way through the day.

If you are struggling with body fat and weight, this wonder oil can help you reduce weight a lot faster without altering your diet. You don’t need extreme low-energy diet because this great oil helps burn fat a lot faster by speeding up your body’s metabolism to a healthy rate. With the help of minerals and essential fatty acids, necessary substances can be absorbed faster and unused fat can be removed using fiber as a medium.

People with heart problems or even erectile dysfunction can also benefit a lot from consuming flax seed oil. This great oil helps improve blood circulation and eliminate clogs caused by fat. It will also help reduce cholesterol level and improve overall health performance. With stronger heart and better blood circulation, even erectile dysfunction can be solves quite easily without the need to consume other dangerous chemicals

High Performance Body Building Supplements 101

These supplements are chosen based on your fitness goal. Most bodybuilding goals include: Bulking (putting on muscle), cutting (lowering body fat), and extra strength, energy and recovery.

Pro anabolic muscle builders are a broad category. Protein powder falls under this one as well as supplements that include muscle building, hormonal supporting anabolic ingredients such as: tribulus, fenugreek and eurycoma longfolia. These types of ingredients either increase protein synthesis or support cellular volumization. In other words, they aid weight gain in the form of muscle mass.

Thermogenics are supplements used to increase the bodies core temperature and therefore, increasing the amount of calories burned throughout the day. Ingredients you may find in thermogenic supplements include: guggulsterones (a herb grown in India), and 7 keto DHEA (a non-hormonal steroid).

Stimulant based fat burners help the body to use more fat for fuel (common ingredient is caffeine, and as a result, these also give you more energy) and non-stimulant based fat burners help to metabolize food into energy while storing less fat. Many non-stimulant fat burners also double as anti aging anti fatigue products.

These supplements give you more strength and power to perform heavy duty lifting sessions. Creatine falls into this category as the most common example. These products increase blood flow to the muscle. This aids in growth and recovery.

These supplements are usually taken before a workout to maximize energy and minimize fatigue with the idea being, more energy + harder workout = Better results. This category includes ATP replenishing products as well as engineered carbohydrates that basically, add glucose (sugar) to the muscle for more “staying power.” Endurance athletes also tend to use these products.

Then there is always the energy bars, drinks, and shots. For the most part these are either mainly sugar or caffeine based and not recommended if you have serious goals in mind. Especially if you are limiting refined sugars. In this case, it is better to go for food that provides energy.

Now we are at the fun part. Once you have your specific goals, your foundation of supplement knowledge, and you have selected you brands, it is time to figure out a supplement diet schedule. This is commonly called “stacking.” It seems a little overwhelming at first but it becomes very easy once you are used to your chosen supplements. For example, you know you want to take energy, or pump supplements before a workout and protein and (usually) glutamine after. Do not worry it will all come together with a little practice!

Childhood Obesity Prevention and Functional Performance Body Composition Testing

School A uses Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine which of students are obese and which ones are not. School B uses the skin fold method (calipers measuring skin thickness), School C uses electronic impedance (a computerized method), while School D does under water weighing at the local University Physiology lab to determine their student’s body composition (usually expressed as a percentage of body fat).

Conventional VS Functional
In other words schools A, B, C, and D use conventional forms of measurement and data to determine how physically efficient their students are, and to predict how well they will perform in various arenas, including the physical/athletic arena. School E however, takes precisely the opposite approach by measuring physical performance and using that data to determine how physically efficient their students are, and to predict what their percentages of body fat will be.

When One Goes Up, the Other Goes Down
“It’s pretty simple” said Coach E. “When percentage of body fat goes down, performance goes up. And when percentage of body fat goes up, performance goes down. These two factors are directly related to one another, and when one of them changes, the other reflects those changes simultaneously.”

In the end, what everyone’s really aiming for is to improve performance in all arenas. So why even fool around with BMI’s, skin calipers, electronic impedance devices, and underwater weighing when performance can be measured directly, yielding everything anyone needs to know about a student’s physical efficiency?

For Example: Instead of Conventional Measurements
In place of all the conventional measurements for example, Coach E uses a pull up bar. (1) More specifically he uses a height adjustable pull up bar in conjunction with a technique called leg assisted pull ups that allows students to keep their feet on the floor, jump and pull at the same time. This strategy gives all his students immediate access, a viable starting point when learning to perform pull ups.

Progress, Motivation, and Persistence
Progress is achieved in very small increments (i.e. one more repetition, or raising the bar one inch). Small increments encourage regular progress, instill motivation, and cultivate a sense of RELENTLESS PERSISTENCE until conventional pull ups are finally mastered.

Immunized Against Obesity for Life
“Under these conditions” Coach E said, “our kid’s performances improve regularly. And along with performance improvement comes an improvement in body composition. The basic goal of our program is to help each student learn to perform conventional pull ups, because, as any PE teacher will tell you, kids who can do pull ups are NEVER OBESE. And as long as they maintain their ability to perform pull ups, these kids are naturally immunized against obesity for life. How’s that for a mega-payoff?”

Increased Performance Equals Improve Body Composition
At the next level, once they can perform conventional pull ups, any increase in performance indicates an improved body composition, and vice-versa. For example, if a student’s pull up performance goes from 10 to 20, they’ve either gained muscle/strength, lost fat, or both, so their body composition has improved. On the other hand, if the student’s pull up performance goes from 20 to 10, they’ve either lost muscle/strength, gained fat, or both, so their body composition has deteriorated along with their performance.

Victory Over Childhood Obesity
In the long run, the goal of Coach E’s program is to graduate An entire class full of students who are all functionally immunized against obesity for life because they can all perform pull ups. “When that day arrives,” Coach E said, “We’ll declare victory over childhood obesity in our school. Until then, we’ll keep making DOCUMENTED PROGRESS one repetition at a time, one inch at a time, and one child at a time, and leave all the conventional measurement devices to the experts,” coach E added.

1. Pull ups are not the only exercise capable of making this claim. Other challenging body weight exercises such as dips, rope climbing, sissy squats, and vertical jumping will yield all the same insightful information regarding body composition/physical efficiency issues